When was the last time you listened to a health podcast? What about a podcast on mental health?There are millions of options out there — literally. Which means there’s no shortage of health and wellness podcasts to enjoy (shout out to one of our favorites, The Great Girlfriends Show, who we’ve partnered with several times to talk about women’s health issues).To help you sift through the health podcasts with topics that appeal to women and people assigned female at birth, here are five options that are worth your time.1. NPR Life Kit: HealthFrom chronic constipation to choosing the right sunscreen, NPR’s Life Kit: Health explores all things related to your health. Most episodes feature science-based takeaways and interviews with healthcare providers (HCPs) and other experts. The casual tone makes heavier topics like negotiating medical bills easy to understand. There’s also a good measure of fun (forest bathing anyone?) and lifestyle advice (Michelle Obama’s advice on how to get out of a rut? Yes please!). Length: about 20 minutes Listen: “This is the Period Talk You Should’ve Gotten”2. Beyond the Heart – Improving Your Health One Conversation at a TimeNieca Goldberg, M.D., is a member of HealthyWomen’s Women’s Health Advisory Council and a HealthyWomen board member (full disclosure) as well as a cardiologist, so she has her finger on the pulse of women’s health. (See what we did there?) Her new podcast centers around all aspects of health and redefining how you see your body and the healing process. Episodes focus on a range of topics from the future of hormone therapy to how to recover from toxic relationships. Goldberg talks with top HCPs, her colleagues and game-changers in women’s health about the latest research and important ways women can advocate for their health. Length: about 50 minutesListen: “Dr. Carmela Seymour Topic: The Future of Hormone Therapy”3. The Happiness LabHappiness can be complicated. And surprisingly scientific. From genetics to relationships to the latest research, host Laurie Santos, M.D., professor of psychology at Yale University, explores the science behind a happy life and ways we can get — and give — happiness. One example: A recent episode offers tips for staying connected to friends, which can make you and someone you care about happier. Tip: Dance to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams between episodes for an extra sunny exercise snack. Length: about 30 minutes Listen: “Text a Friend … Right Now!”4. THE Menopause PodcastLauren Streicher, M.D., is a menopause expert and the medical director of the Northwestern Medicine Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause. So yes, she knows her stuff, but her podcast feels more like you’re listening to an aunt who’s always had your back and has no problem telling it like it is. Streicher talks about the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause (hot flashes, weight gain, the inability to orgasm — all the fun things) and offers advice and insight on research — and the lack of information out there — for women going through menopause.Length: about 30 minutesListen: “It’s Time to Redefine Menopause”5. Super

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